Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Scotland: The Cuillins

Glen Sligachan
Sligachan, Scotland
June 22, 2012

In the heart of Scotland's Isle of Skye (or just plain 'Skye', as the locals call it) lies The Cuillins, one of 40 national scenic areas in Scotland.  I hope you can understand why from this shot.  Stunning.

We hiked up the Glen for a couple hours, towards the hill you can see on the left in the distance.  That peak is named Marsco, it is part of the Red Hills/Red Cuillins.  The Red Hills are mostly composed of granite, compared to the Black Cuillins (you can see the base of them on the right hand of the shot) which are mostly basalt and gabbro.

This area of Scotland is a popular destination for ramblers, hikers and climbers.  If you are up for a challenge, you can complete the Black Cuillin Traverse. This takes you from Glenbrittle in the West, to Sligachan in the East. 

It's no wonder that Skye was used in the opening sequence of Prometheus, its landscape has an otherworldy feel.  

It was an amazing hike up the glen, I wish we could've ventured further.  If you happen to find yourself in Sligachan.  Stop, go for a ramble and recuperate in the Sligachan's excellent pub afterwards.