Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nocturne 2012

Nocturne 2012
Halifax, NS
Oct. 13, 2012

A sample of an art installation I checked out at this year's Nocturne Halifax.  There were many radios on platforms like this one, playing various radio stations.  Some radios were semi enclosed in 'booths'.  As one wandered around the space, some broadcasts began to take on stereo sound when one stood between two radios broadcasting the same frequency.  At other times, one would affect the broadcast, simply by one's body interfering with the radio signal.  I made the cardinal sin of touching the installation, the radio didn't have 'mega bass' cranked up, I couldn't help myself!

If you haven't checked out Nocturne before, mark it down on your 'must attend' list for 2013. It's a great way to experience Halifax, at night!