Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rose Bay: Tall ships ahoy!

This was the vista that greeted me July 24th as I drove down the hill towards Rose Bay.  The following tall ships were anchored in Rose Bay: Providence, Lynx, Pride of Baltimore, Amistad, Tree of Life, Larinda, Roseway, and Unicorn.  It was neat to think about a time when this sight would have been commonplace.  

It was great to see the Tree of Life back in local waters, it was built in Petite Riviere in 1991.  I remember the night it was launched.  It had to be moved from Petite to Lahave for the launch.  As the boat was transported along the highway, a group of my friends and I attempted to resurrect an old tradition for ensuring good luck for new boats.  We tried to enter church bell towers along the way and ring their bells.  There are many churches along the road from Petite to Lahave!  Sadly, our efforts were thwarted when the RCMP arrived as I stood at the bottom of a long extension ladder leading up to the bell tower of a small church.  Luckily, we did not get in trouble....we never did ring a bell that night.

Here's another shot with a slightly zoomed in view: